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Student Portal

Student Portal            GUIDELINES & INSTRUCTIONS

    The Student Portal provides access to articles, handouts and other additional support information for the various seminars provided by D.W. Moore & Associates, David W. Moore and the Title & Escrow School.  These materals are being made available to support and supplement the seminars, online courses and other projects provided.  As a participant at a recent seminar, you may have been advised of the additional support information.    

     There are three specfic areas to this page.  The first section contains handouts and presentations provide at various public seminars and training classes.  The second second contains information for our Prelicensing Educations course and for specific Continuing Education course.  The first section is provide without charge and does not require a user name or password.  The second section will required a user name and password.  They were provide during the seminar.

        Each specific course has unique login requirments.  A USER NAME and PASSWORD are required to access the seminar's information page.  A PASSWORD is also required to access specific documents.  You should have been given the user name and password during the seminar.  The password and user name are changed and updated regularly.  You will have a limited timeframe to access the seminar information page, including all additional resource information and documents.  If you are taking the Prelicensing Online course, please email us and request the login informaiton.  If you have forgotten the required login information, you may request the appropriate user name and password by clicking here.  Please include your name, company, email address and the specific seminar and date you attended.



Handouts include a the slideshow and other course material.

06-07-2011 National Settlement Summit

03-2012  ALTA Business Strategies Conf.
        Title Company, the Defendant

        Defalcation, It Could Happen to You
        (Escrow Now, Like It or Not)

06-2012 VLTA Annual Convention
        Fraud, Forgery & Scams
        Title Company, the Defendant

06-20-2012  NBI "Title Defects Cured.


Prelicensing Webinars SLIDESHOW

Prelicensing Education 

Title and escrow education is used by many to prepared to the various licensing tests for title insurance. The material contained herein includes a Student Workbook (printable by chapter), information from the Insurance Licensing Bulletin, samples title reports, and other supportive materials.  When you registered for the online course, or when you attended the classroom course, you were given the user name or password to addess this page. 



These seminars have or will be provided to title insurance, escrow, real estate and mortgage licensees.  If you have any problems in accessing the information, please contact us.  Material contained on each course page includes a copy of the seminars presentation together with handouts, forms and relevant information.

CE Seminars with Additional Support Material
   Flips & Ladders    Legislative Update

   Foreclosure, The Sinking Problem

    RESPA Reform & Update              
    Fraud, Forgery & Scams     Ethical Standards

    Short Sales, Up, Up & Away

 At the Closing Table
    The New FHA, They\'ve Returned     Endorsements
    The New REPC - 2008  Mineral & Water Rights
    Homeowners Policy of TI  Notary Public
    Flips & Ladders   Trig Explained
   Ethical Practices or Not  Legal Descriptions 101    
    Commercial RE Trouble Spots  







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