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Research & Consulting
D.W. Moore & Associates, Inc.D.W. MOORE & ASSOCIATES, INC. provides extensive consulting and research services for real property, title insurance, escrow, and forensic analysis for real property and real estate transactions throughout the Western United States.  Projects have been completed in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Nevada.  We are able to meet the needs of our customer through adaptation and service oriented practices. While our research and consulting services are varied, we have the ability to understand real estate practices, to develop the type and scope of information and services you need, and to provide the specialized reports and services needed in this complicated real estate market.  Our clients have included the U.S. Attorney's Office, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, many of the major law firms in Utah, and many of the title insurance companies and agencies qualified to do business in Utah.

 Special Title Research

          Title research project have been completed in most Western state. As public records vary from county to county, we have the experience and ability to research and examine land records and other pertinent government records to determine the existence of information our clients desire.  We are able to find information that may be limited and unavailable to many people.  We have an extensive understand and expertise of historical land records.  We are familiar will a wide variety of government records and are able to satisfy your various requests.   Our principal, David W. Moore, was certified as a Registered Abstractor in 1972 and has provided abstracting services for over 35 years.

          Specialized title research and analysis have been provided for litigation, forclosure, short sales, boundary questions, property disputes, title insurance and escrow claims, historical needs, title company liability, and other needs of our clients.  While we have developed specialized reports to handle many of these situations, each report will be adapted to the requirements of our clients.  We have the technical ability to provide reports in electronic formats and to adapt information to an electronic format.

 Environmental Title Histories


          To assist in the preparation of an environmental audits nd assessment, we provide a Title History Letter outlining the chain of title for over 50 years.  Ownership, as disclosed by depositories of land records are provide, together with supportive documents and plats.  The "letter" is a specialized report developed in cooperation with federal and state agencies together with a variety of environmental engineers.  Many of our searches extent for longer periods of time, and satisfy the needs of most environmental engineers and consultants. Our title history letters include descriptive information, together with a table of recorded documents for the required period.  An extensive search is complete for the subject property, together with a review of the surrounding area.

          In additional to land title records, our research will include pertinent review of environmental lien records, together with items that would be of interest to our clients.  In addition to deeds and land transfer documents, our Title History Report will include information, found during the research process that we determine would be of interest to the person requesting the report. 

 Forensic & Problem Analysis


          We have been involved with many title companies, title insurance companies, mortgage lenders and property owners, together with their attorneys to review and evaluate the responsibility and possible liability with respect to real estate, title insurance and escrow problems. This “forensic” real estate, title insurance and escrow analysis involves a review of transactions, and a review of duties for the respective parties. David Moore has been an expert witness in may civil actions, involving property throughout the Western United States.

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           A current
Curriculum Vitae is available upon reqauest .  Additionally, we also have available a list of Expert Reports & Testimony and Publications that has been provided is also available upon request.  A password is required to open these files.  It is available by contacting our office at (801) 277-6727, or by fax at (801) 618-4169, or by emailing us at dwmooreut@gmail.com.

We have extensive experience to provide the services you need.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and requirements








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