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Education & Training


Our students include title officer, escrow officers, marketing reps, real estate agents, mortgage lender, and other real estate professions.

Seminar are available for prelicensing and continuing educaiton, including special and unique area for management and executive training, accrediation, and professional certification.

You can learn through web conferences, workshops, correspondence courses, long distance learning, webinars, and regularly scheduled seminars.

Title Insurance Licensing       Continuing Education      Professional Education

          The TITLE & ESCROW SCHOOL is the premier provider of Prelicensing Education, Continuing Education, and Professional Training for real estate professionals, land title professionals, and escrow officer.  Through our facilities, real estate professionals, including real estate agents, mortgage lender, title and escrow officer, and all those associated with real estate, and its related industries, can obtain sufficient education and training.         


        It really doesn’t matter what we pay for an investment.  What is relevant is what we get in return.  One of the best ways to jeopardize an organization’s future in today’s world and increase the probability of troubled times is to look at training as a cost and pay the price of not training or provide substandard training that operates only as a temporary fix.  Not so many years ago, training was an option for most organizations.  Today it is no longer an option.  Companies that do well provide their employees an opportunity to advance and to obtain the necessary training to obtain an insurance license.  They understand that the price for not training is the real expense of training.

        The TITLE & ESCROW SCHOOL provided training and education in a variety of situations and in a number of different formats.  Through Prelicensing Education an individual is qualified to successfuly pass the appropriate title insurance licensing test as either a Marketing Rep, an Escrow Officer, or a Title Officer.  Through Continuing Edcuation an individuals is able to satisfy there respective requirement of CE hours to renew their professional license.  Other seminars, of a general nature are also avaible to any interested individual.   Each of the various types of education are offered in both classroom and online formats.  Classroom seminars are available upon request and on an irregular schedule.  Online seminars are available 24/7 and provides the appropriate education at the convenience of the student. 

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 Access Online Classroom 

        Online seminars are available for Prelicensing Education, Continuing Education and Staff / Other Training. These seminars are available to anyone interest in furthering there education.  Each category of online courses is found on its own page.  Only those courses listed on the CE course category page are approved for CE credit. 

Student Access Page

      Handouts, forms and other resource materials are available to students who have attended one of our seminars.  A password is required to access these materials.  Students will receive the login information during their respective seminars.

Request updated password here.

Classroom Seminars

        Classroom seminars are available on a random, irregular basis.  We schedule these seminars when there is sufficient interest.   There is a 60 lead time to schedule a classroom seminar.  If you are interest in either Prelicensing or Continuing Education in a classroom format, please contact us.     

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