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About Us

About Our Company

D.W. MOORE & ASSOCIATES, INC. provides education and consulting services in the areas of real estate, insurance, and environmental matters.  The company has developed specialized services and reports for attorneys, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, title and escrow companies, environmental consultants, and those involved in real estate transactions.  Additional services provided by this company include reconveyance servicing, mechanic lien services, and as a 1031 qualified intermediary. Our staff also provides educational and training seminars in many areas of real estate and business practices.  The company has over 37 years of business experience and can provide real estate, title, and environmental services, together with historical, genealogy, and title research as may be needed by our clients.

The TITLE  & ESCROW SCHOOL is the premier provider of prelicensing and continuing education to title insurance, escrow and real estate professions.  Through our facilities, we provide outstanding classroom seminars and online education courses.  Seminar are pertinent to the standards of the title, escrow and real estate industries, and provide important imformation and knowledge to our student.  Training materials are of the highest quality and will assist students in their various title and escrow endeavors.  This professional training school provides online education which is easily used and provides our students with the materials they need to be better title, escrow and real estate professionals.

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About Our Founder
DAVID W. MOORE is an independent consultant specializing in real estate research and training. He is a licensed title insurance agent in the state of Utah, having been continuously licensed since 1974, qualified in both title and escrow.  He is also a Registered Abstractor with over 37 years of research and consulting experience. Mr. Moore has extensive experience with historical land and government records throughout the United States. He is certified as a provider of pre-license and continuing education training for insurance and real estate professionals, together with a variety of associated industries.. He has extensive experience in all aspects of real estate transactions, property management, title analysis and environmental reviews. He has conducted educational and training seminars for over 25 years.

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