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Prelicensing Webinar



        The presentations used in the Prelicensing Webinars are available to our students as an additional study guide.  The following links will access each individual webinar.  The slideshows are password protected.  You cannot access them without a password, which was given at the end of day 5 or 9 of the webinars.  The password is changed regularly.  If you have misplaced the password, or if your password has expired, please contact us at titleschool@gmail.com.  Access to the presentations are only available for 90 days following the end of your attendance to Prelicensing Webinars. 
        The first 5 daily sessions are available to all prelicensing webinar students.  Sessions 6A-9A (A only) are only available to those students who registered for the Escrow Officer's webinars.  Sessions 6B-9B (B only) are only available to those students who registered for a Title Officer's webinars.  The password is different for Title Only and Escrow Only. 

        STUDY GUIDES are also provided as a student manual to help applicants prepare for the various licensing test.  They are formatted as a slideshow, but contains an extensive description of course material.  The study guides are located below each segment of the prelicensing webinars.  Each is a chapter of detailed information about the material discussed during the respective seminars.  These study guides will also be available for a limited time following your attendance at Prelicensing Education Webinars.  Study Guides are also password protected.  They have a different password than Prelicensing Webinar presentations.  The password was given during various webinars.  If you have misplaced the password, or if it has expired please contact our office at titleschool@gmail.com.




LINK TO SLIDESHOW (Presentation) 

1A   Introduction to Licensing, Insurance & Land 6A  Escrow Processing & Escrow Instructions
   Study Guide 1.01: Introduction & Welcome    Study Guide 7.17: Introduction to Escrow
   Study Guide 1.02: Introduction to Insurance    Study Guide 7.18: Escrow Instructions
1B   The Title Company & Insurance Priciples 6B  Title Search & Examination
   Study Guide 1:03:  The Title Company    Study Guide 7:22: Title Search
   Study Guide 1:04:  Insurance Principles    Study Guide 7:23: Title Examination
2A   Insurance Law & Regulation 7A  Settlement Statements
   Study Guide 1.05A:  Insurance Law    Study Guide 7.19: Settlement Statements
   Study Guide 1.05B:  Title Insurance Law    Study Guide 7.20: Prorations
2B   Contracts & the Mechanics of Real Estate 7B  Title Reports & Preparation
   Study Guide 2.06:  Contracts    Study Guide 7:24: Title Report Preparation
   Study Guide 2.07A: Mechanics of Real Estate 1    
   Study Guide 2.07B: Mechanics of Real Estate 2    
3A   Documents & Transactions 8A  Document Preparation & Escrow Finish
   Study Guide 2.08: Documents    Study Guide: 7.21 Escrow Closing
   Study Guide 2.09: Transactions    
3B   Legal Descriptions 8B  Curves & Legal Descriptions Workshop
   Study Guide 3.10A: Legal Descriptons 1    
   Study Guide 3.10B: Legal Description 2     
4A   Title Insurance Forms & Endorsements 9A  Escrow Closing Workshop
   Study Guide 4.11: TI Forms    Escrow Exercises
   Study Guide 4.12: Endorsements    Escrow Workbook
4B   Exceptions & Title Clouds 9B  Title Examination Workshop
   Study Guide 4.13A: Exceptions    
   Study Guide 4.13B: Exceptions    


  Artificial Entities & Marketing Practices




 Study Guide 4.14: Artificial Entities




 Study Guide 5.15: Marketing Practices




  Federal & State Laws




 Study Guide 6:16: Federal Regulations









       Thank you for using us to further your professional education.  We also offer continuing education (CE) seminars in both online and webinar formats.  Prelicensing students receive a 10% discount off all continuing education seminars they attend during the first year following their attendance at our prelicensing courses.








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