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22 The Notary Public
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This course will help you prepare for the certification examination now required for becoming a notary public or if you are renewing your notary commissiion, it will help you prepare to the new testing process.  The procedures and requirements have changed in recent years.  You will now be required to take a computerized test, with a time limit of 50 minutes.  The complexity and detail of the test has been increase.  This seminar will help you prepare for the certification test.

Become a notary public require extensive knowledge and understanding of legal principles.  For real estate, the importance of a notary public is critical.  This seminar has been structured to assist you in becoming a better notary public..  The duties and responsibilities of the notary public must be taken seriously.  The notary can help to reduce fraud and forgery, and can assist to make sure the transaction proceeds in its proper manner.

Course Tuition: $ 85.00

NOTICE:  Online courses must be completed within 60 days of registration.  Failure to complete this online course within this time limit will require you to renew your course registation.  The renewal of a course registation will cost $25.00 and will give you an additional 10 days to complete the course.

This course was added to our catalog on Monday 23 October, 2006.
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Notary Public

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